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How to Order a Custom Cycling Jersey

Are you planning to order custom jerseys for your club or racing team this year? This guide for first-time designers and buyers will explain the process step-by-step and give you the tips and tricks you must know to be successful! I’m going to cover everything you need

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Ask Levi: Lower My Seat To Work My Quads More?

Today’s question focuses on the idea of changing your riding position to work different muscles. But that might not be a good idea… Hello Coach, I notice that cycling becomes significantly more difficult whenever my seat post slips down a cm or two. My quads seem to

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5 Free Resources for Bike Fitting Advice

What do you do if you don’t have a good bike fitter in your area? Buy a book or DVD and learn to fit the bike yourself. What if you can’t afford a bike fitting DVD or book? You go online and look at free info…

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How I Use Strava On My BlackBerry (No Separate GPS Unit Required)

Last time I bought a cell phone, there weren’t many good choices – the too-trendy iPhone, some weird new things they called “droids,” and a cool new BlackBerry. Obviously I got the BlackBerry, and it has served me well, but it’s apparent that BlackBerries have now been

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Ask Levi: How Do I Pick the Right Tire Pressure?

Today’s question is about deciding on the correct tire pressure for road bike tires… Hi, Wha’st the correct tire pressure for your road bike tires? I’ve heard 100, 110 and 120 lbs. Does it depend upon weight? I’m about 6’1″‘ and weigh 165lbs. Thanks, Under Pressure Hi

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Why You Should Ride a Slow, Heavy Bike in the Winter

Winter training is generally going to be tough. You’re either going to be riding inside and bored, or you’ll be outside in the cold, harsh conditions. If you will be outside in the cold, along with your warm clothing, you’ll need a beater bike. A winter “beater”

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Ask Levi: Waterproof and Visible Garments for Evening Rides?

Today’s question is about waterproof garments for riding and commuting in bad weather, especially at this time of year when darkness falls early…

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Ask Levi: New Bike, Or Ride My Lotus Excelle from 1986?

Today’s question is about the downsides of sticking with a classic bike like a 1986 Lotus Excelle when getting into faster group rides that involve pacelines with riders on new bikes…

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Ask Levi: What Is The Easiest Pedal To Disengage From?

Today’s question is about finding the easiest road pedal to unclip from…

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Ask Levi: Do I Have an Ankle Tendonitis Issue?

Today’s question is about a tendonitis issue from cycling and what could be causing it…

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Ask Levi: Can I Jump Up To a 45 Mile Ride?

Today’s question is about jumping up from a 15 mile to a 45 mile ride, with a week’s notice, and no time to work your way up…

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7 Parking Lot Bike Handling Drills

Bike handling is very important. Better bike handling means less chance of crashing. And therefore, more chance of winning races! Here’s how to practice your bike handling in an empty parking lot…

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Ask Levi: What Are the Differences Between Running and Cycling Tops?

Today’s question is about getting a cycling-specific top (jersey) or just wearing a running top…

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FAQ: What Road Bike Should I Buy?

Today’s question, a very common one, is about getting started in road biking and looking for a new bike…

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Ask Levi: When Do I Stand When Riding Outside?

Today’s question is about the proper time to stand when riding your bike…

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