Although yellow cards are given in soccer, you can give them in cycling now too. Although the point is to give them to aggressive drivers.

cyclist yellow card magnet

The image to the left is a small version of a project by Peter Miller, designed to create peace and harmony amongst those who share the roadways. What you do is take his design and get it printed on a bunch of magnets which you then carry around with you (on the bike.) Then if you see an aggressive driver, you toss one of the magnets onto his car.

The driver will later find the magnet on his car, read it, contemplate what he has done wrong in the past, and change his ways. 🙂

Well, it’s probably more likely that the driver will get even more pissed off at cyclists. But we can only hope that some people are reasonable enough to change their aggressive driving habits when pointed out.

We can also only hope that cyclists can throw a ball or toss a frisbee, and do a Wild West style “quick-draw” from their pocket, because how else are we going to get these magnets affixed to moving vehicles?? 😉

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