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Ask Levi: How Far Up Should I Shave?

Here’s the question on everyone’s minds…

I had a bad case of road rash about a month ago and several of my buddies suggested shaving em. How far up your body do you recommend shaving? I was taping bandages together way up my right butt cheek.


You are not alone Cheeky. I would bet this question is on everyone’s minds when they consider shaving their legs.

The short answer is, shave everything. But there’s more to it than that, and it really depends why you are shaving your legs in the first place…

If you are shaving mainly to ease the treatment of road rash, then you should go the whole way up your legs. After your knee, your hip/butt region is going to be the worst area for road rash (in most cases.) So it’s kind of pointless to shave your lower legs but not your hips.

One possibility, if you don’t like to shave, is to get the trimmers out. For areas that are covered by your shorts and not likely to get a severe case of road rash, trimming is fine.

If you want massages to feel good, again, shave everything. Your calves, quads, and hamstrings should be nice and smooth. (So in this case, trimming is not such a good idea.)

If your only goal is to look good in your cycling kit, then you can shave your lower legs (up to your tan line) and let the rest go. You’ll look pretty funny without your shorts on, though!

Just remember that your long hairs might stick through your shorts, which would require at least a trim.

Finally, if you’re worried about ticks, shave your whole body. Ticks like to crawl everywhere, so the less hair they have to hide in, the better.

Just remember, whatever region you shave once, you’ll probably want to keep shaving it, because stubble is no fun.

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  1. Seriously?! No comments?

    I get it all. front, back, side to side Top to bottom!

    Let the heckling begin.

    …I don’t do the upper body, though. That’s just silly. I’m not a body builder.

  2. Especially the areas you are most likely to get chafing.

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