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Ask Levi: What Are The Best Carbon Water Bottle Cages for Road Bikes?

Today’s question is about finding a good carbon water bottle holder that holds the bottle well and isn’t too flimsy…

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9 Christmas Gift Ideas for The Cyclist on Your List

Got a bicyclist on your holiday shopping list and not sure what to get for him or her? Just check out this list of gift ideas based on the many types of cyclists. Read more to get a jumpstart on your shopping…

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The Endurance Athlete’s Guide to Power Meters

For the serious cyclist, the power meter is the tool of choice. They’ve become the standard, and prices are gradually coming down, making them accessible for more and more cyclists. This will be your guide to buying a power meter! Since everyone’s needs and circumstances are different,

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My Homemade Chamois Cream Recipe

We all know chamois cream can get expensive, right? Most creams cost at least $10 for 4oz, but a $20 price tag isn’t uncommon. There are cheaper alternatives, but they’re not quite the same. Queen Helene is nice and comes in a giant jar for just about

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Could a Bluetooth Tracking Tag Help You Locate a Stolen Bike?

If you’ve ever had your bike stolen, you know that gut-wrenching feeling you get when your bike isn’t where you left it. You also know the lengths to which you’ll go to track it down (not only to get the bike back but to exact revenge on

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How To Get Dressed For a Bike Ride

Every time I take up a new sport, I end up asking myself, “now how do I get dressed for this?” Some sports are simple. Like swimming. Some sports are more complicated. Ice hockey, for example. Cycling isn’t too complex, but there’s a lot of gear, and

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Sick of Shaving Your Legs? Here Are 7 Leg Shaving Alternatives to Consider!

How often do you question the decision to shave your legs? Because for me, other than the first 1-2 shaves each season, I question it every single time! I don’t hate it, but it sure takes up a lot of time. Think about it. Even if you’re

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How To Bet On The Tour de France

The Tour de France, the biggest of the three Grand Tours, is the most widely-known cycling race in the world. I find the Tour exciting enough as it is, but if you want a bit more of an adrenaline rush each stage, you can bet on the

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How to Take Sharp Corners Without Slowing Down (or Falling Over!)

A local racer prepares for an upcoming bend. Cornering is one of the most important skills for all cyclists. It’s one that you have to learn immediately, but also one that you will work to perfect for many years. In this how-to guide, I’ll dispel some common

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Garmin Edge vs Smartphone: Which One Is Right For You?

The question is no longer, “should I get a GPS device?” The question is, which one? When it comes down to it, the debate is between purchasing a Garmin Edge 500 for $200 or using your smartphone and a GPS app. If you already have a smartphone

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How to Shave Your Legs with a Double Edge Safety Razor

There’s a trend right now where men who grew up with cartridge razors are going old school and turning to traditional safety razors for their shaving needs. Probably has something to do with the skyrocketing cost of Gillette’s cartridges! Even I jumped on the bandwagon and bought

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Ask Levi: Spinning Bike at Home on a $400 Budget?

Today’s question is about picking up a stationary exercise bike for indoor riding on a budget… Hey Levi, We’re looking for your input on a stationary bike. We wanted to spend no more than $400, and we want one that looks like something a cyclist would use.

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Ask Levi: What Are Good Shoes for Biking (But Not Biking Shoes)?

Today’s question is about picking out a good pair of shoes for bike riding, without plunking down the cash for a clipless pedal and shoe setup… Coach, I’ve been road biking for less than a year and love the fitness. But after spending a ton on accessories

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The Right Gear At The Right Time

You know all about how to shift gears, and you probably do it well if you’ve been practicing, but it doesn’t hurt to learn the finer details of being in the right gear at the right time. It’s one of those little things that can make a

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Ask Levi: Do Rotor’s Q Rings Help With Knee Pain?

Today’s question is about the Q Rings from Rotor and if they can help with knee problems… Howdy Coach, Do q rings help with osteoarthritis in the knees? I have compact Specialized Ruby. Should I change? Ruby Warrior Hi Ruby, Interesting question! I’ve had knee problems myself

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