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Tested: NuGo Stronger Protein Bar

I’m always open to trying a new protein bar, because every so often, someone actually makes a good one! This past week I got to sample the NuGO Stronger Protein Bar, a new option from the folks at NuGo Nutrition. They call it the “ultimate combination of

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Tested: Eco Vessel Boulder Insulated Water Bottle

Sick of plastic water bottles where even the insulated ones can only keep water cold for an hour or two? I am. It’s not a big deal for daily rides, but let’s say you’re camping for the weekend. Perhaps you’re doing an MTB stage race. There might

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Tested: Free Country Peak 3-in-1 Softshell Jacket

Growing up in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, with nor’easters and lake-effect snow changing the weather conditions at a moment’s notice, you could never have too many jackets. Except that, well, who wants to fill their entire closet with winter jackets? That’s why I’ve come to like

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Tested: Thorlo Experia Socks

I’m not sure why people are always complaining about getting socks for Christmas presents. Apparently they’re not getting socks like these Thorlo Experia Multi-Sport Socks that I’m writing about today! I’m simply fascinated by socks. Wool socks are by far the best, but a good Coolmax sock

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Tested: Nite Ize SaddleLite LED Bike Bag

I have reasonably low standards when it comes to seat bags. If the bag holds stuff, stays attached to my bike, and doesn’t rip apart, I think it’s a good bag. So when I found out about this Nite Ize SaddleLite LED Bike Bag, which is both

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Tested: BlenderBottle GoStak

What you see to your left is called a BlenderBottle GoStak. Now, if you’re already familiar with the BlenderBottle (and more specifically, the BlenderBall inside,) this is going to seem like a totally different type of product offering. It’s a system of interlocking jars designed to carry

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Tested: Greens Plus

Despite new “superfood” supplements being discovered (and advertised) every day, there’s one superfood product that has been around for years and isn’t going anywhere. It’s called Greens Plus (or Greens+ for short). The powder is a blend of 29 nutrient-rich superfoods, sea vegetables, and herbal extracts. In

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It’s always rewarding to win the town line sprint or beat all your friends to the top of the biggest local mountain. But wouldn’t it be even more fun to compare yourself to all the other groups of riders that travel the same roads? If you join

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Tested: Good’n Natural Bar

I like bars that are good. I like bars that are natural. So the Good’n Natural Bar seemed right up my alley. It is filled with whole, natural ingredients, packs 10g protein, and contains just 9g sugar (from an organic, natural source no less.) How could it

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Tested: The Original Palmassager

Growing up, one of my favorite activities was to get into my Grandma’s basket of massage tools. It was packed with all sorts of rollers, knobby balls, sticks, and other weird stuff. To me, these were all toys! While she did teach me how to use them

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Tested: Moji 360 Massage Kit

As an endurance athlete, your body is probably tight, sore, and unbalanced. Mine sure is. Post-workout stretching helps. And daily foam rolling sessions make me feel fresh and recovered. But neither of those solutions has much affect on existing problems, such as tight hips and IT bands,

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Tested: BlenderBottle SportMixer

Know what bothers me? It’s when a company redesigns an already great product and in doing so, eliminates all the reasons I liked it in the first place. Lucky me – BlenderBottle did no such thing! The BlenderBottle SportMixer is a totally new style that actually improves

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Tested: Gnarly Nutrition Stack

Want to get gnarly? Then Gnarly Nutrition might be right up your alley! Gnarly Nutrition offers a full line of all-natural sports drinks and recovery formulas, collectively called The Gnarly Stack, which I just finished testing out. Here’s a quick look at each part: Gnarly Pump is

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Tested: Stretch Island Fruit Chews

Always a sucker for a good deal, I just piled a shelf-full of Stretch Island Fruit Chews into my shopping basket on my last trip. (“Raz-mataz berry” flavor, if you were curious.) These were on the Big Lots clearance shelf for $1. With 5 pouches per box,

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Tested: Bestowed Box

Who doesn’t like getting boxes in the mail? And who doesn’t like surprises? Combine the two and you have Bestowed Box. Well, let’s be honest here – “a box of surprises in the mail” could describe BirchBox, NatureBox, or a myriad of other monthly subscription boxes… but

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