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Tested: Aubrey Organics Sun Care (Natural Sunscreen)

With quite a few people switching to all-natural and organic products these days, it might be time for Aubrey Organics to come into the spotlight. According to their site, they “produce 100% Natural Hair Care, Skin Care and Body Care products” and “use all natural ingredients for their shampoos, lotions, moisturizers, soaps and make-up.” Plus, a lot of their stuff is vegan-friendly!

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Sunscreen – Friend or Foe?

Every year, just before summer begins, newspapers and magazines are filled with articles reminding you to use sunblock or risk getting skin cancer. The advice is always the same – avoid going out in the sun at peak times, and always wear sunblock with a high SPF. If you don’t, you’ll get skin cancer! But what if the sunscreen, rather than the sun, is the problem?

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