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Packing for a Triathlon: The Swim-Bike-Run Equipment Checklist

You did it. You decided to tackle the most complicated race out there, the triathlon. If you’re going to be swimming, biking, and running consecutively, you’ll need to pack a lot of stuff! So along with being physically able to compete in all three disciplines, you need to pack gear for all of them into your car! It’s pretty complicated, but with some forethought, it doesn’t have to be that hard.

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Packing for a Road Bike Race: The Road Race Equipment Checklist

As if it wasn’t hard enough to train for a race, drive there, and keep your mind focused on race strategy, there’s another obstacle thrown in… packing everything into your car! You have to pack your bike and clothes for the race, plus everything else you may or may not need before, during, and after the race…

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