Twice a year, the Precision Nutrition team takes a small group of men and women, coaches them personally for 12 months, and gets them healthier, fitter and leaner than they’ve ever been. And here’s a glimpse of the results from last year.

Body transformation #1: Jill

Lost 55 lbs and 59.4 total inches!

pn lean eating body transformation

Age: 25 years
Weight Lost: 55 lbs (from 199 lbs to 144 lbs)
Total Inches Lost: 59.4 inches (from 249.8 inches to 190.4 inches)

With a busy career as a Registered Nurse, Jill managed to pack 210 pounds on her 5’2″ frame. Dieting didn’t help. Going gluten-free didn’t help. Not even Crossfit helped. But through Precision Nutrition Coaching, she was able to change her habits and adopt a healthy lifestyle. The results speak for themselves!


Body transformation #2: Andrew

Lost 51 lbs and 36.4 total inches!

pn lean eating body transformation

Age: 43 years
Weight Lost: 51 lbs (from 212.3 lbs to 161.3 lbs)
Total Inches Lost: 36.4 inches (from 252 inches to 215.6 inches)

Andrew was no stranger to the gym. He was serious about his strength training, put in the work, and kept up on all the latest research. But he could never seem to get the results he wanted. That changed when he joined Precision Nutrition’s coaching program – Andrew lost over 7 pounds his first week and eventually achieved the six-pack he’d always dreamed of. (He has nicer abs than most guys half his age!!)


Body transformation #3: Tamara

Lost 74 lbs and 61 total inches!

pn lean eating body transformation

Age: 30 years
Weight Lost: 74.2 lbs (271 lbs to 196.8 lbs)
Total inches lost: 61.9″ (282.4″ to 220.5″)

That’s right, 75 pounds lost! That is an incredible amount of weight! Tamara looks great, especially with that bright smile!


Body transformation #4: Aaron

Lost 50 lbs and 42 total inches!

pn lean eating body transformation

Age: 37 years
Weight Lost: 50 lbs (187 lbs to 137 lbs)
Total inches lost: 42.4″ (238.5″ to 196.1″)

Not only did Aaron lose a whopping 50 pounds, he got totally ripped! He looks like a big muscular dude, but at only 137 pounds, he could make it as an elite road cyclist.


Body transformation #5: Angela

Lost 52 lbs and 46 total inches!

pn lean eating body transformation

Age: 39 years
Weight Lost: 52.6 lbs (222 lbs to 169.4 lbs)
Total inches lost: 46.4″ (257.3″ to 210.9″)

Angela is looking slim and firm after a 52.6 pound weight loss! Her entire physique totally changed for the better.


Body transformation #6: Ding

Lost 69 lbs and 37 total inches!

pn lean eating body transformation

Age: 65 years
Weight Lost: 69.7 lbs (273.2 lbs to 203.5 lbs)
Total inches lost: 37.6″ (272.6″ to 235″)

Not only could Ding pass for “the most interesting man in the world,” he lost an incredible 69.7 pounds at 65 years old! Now he sports a body that probably makes all the young bucks jealous.


Body transformation #7: Esther

Lost 40 lbs and 32 total inches!

pn lean eating body transformation

Age: 39 years
Weight Lost: 40.3 lbs (179.3 lbs to 139 lbs)
Total inches lost: 32″ (240.5″ to 208.5″)

After losing 40.3 pounds, Esther looks like a whole new person! She’s slender, smiling, and certainly an inspiration!


What is the Lean Eating program all about?

No diets. This is not a diet. It’s 12 months of personalized coaching. It’s you, your coach, and a strategic, results-driven nutrition program that’s been 15 years in the making.

$250k in prizes. As if the health-related results weren’t enough, Precision Nutrition puts up some big cash prizes for the clients who have the best transformations.

100% guaranteed. They coach you for 12 months. You get in the best shape of your life or it’s free.


Are you ready to make a change?

The Lean Eating program registration begins January 15th, 2020.

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