Tested: FRS Powdered Energy Drink Mix

As much as I love ‘ready to drink’ sports drinks for their smooth textures and consistent flavor, I can’t argue with the convenience, cost savings, and space savings offered by powdered energy drinks. Today we’ll be looking at the powder packets from FRS, specifically the lemon-lime flavor.

Tested: FRS Energy Drink Concentrate

The sheer number of energy drinks out there really amazes me. There must be thousands of crazy, disgusting, unhealthy energy drinks around the world. But I take comfort in the fact that there is a handful of healthy energy drinks out there. One of these healthy energy drinks is known as FRS (or Free Radical Scavenger) from New Sun Nutrition. It caught my eye because of FRS’ connection to the cycling world, and now I have had a chance to put it to the test!

ACT Energy Drink – The Long Term Test

It has been a while since my initial ACT review, and I had probably been drinking this for a year before that – but my long term test of ACT Energy Drink is finally here! Now I actually drink ACT on a regular basis for the healthy energy boost, recovery benefits, and flavor. It’s much healthier than drinks like Red Bull and Monster, and it tastes better, too.

Tested: Del Monte Bloom Energy

As far as I knew, Del Monte just did canned fruits and fruit juice. But last year they made the jump into the energy drink market with Bloom Energy. I found it by accident one day when I was buying an Ito En Sencha Shot and browsing all the super-unhealthy energy drinks – and then […]

FRS – The Energy Drink Endorsed by Lance Armstrong

Over the weekend I discovered a new energy drink called FRS Healthy Energy. At first glance it reminded me of ACT Energy, which is a healthy/natural energy drink, so I figured FRS was worth a look. And boy was I right! It turns out that this energy drink is endorsed by none other than Lance […]

Tested: ACT Energy Drink

Here we have a new energy drink. Normally I would not find something like this, but my mom got me started on it because we know some people who are into network marketing. This is actually a drink more like Red Bull than Gatorade, but luckily it looks fairly healthy. It’s actually something you can […]

Tour de France Champion Lance Armstrong Partners with FRS Energy Drink

Energy drinks are nothing new, but when an energy drink partners with Lance Armstrong, that is big news! Last week, Paceline Products announced a partnership between 7-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong and New Sun Nutrition (makers of FRS.) According to their press release, Armstrong will be the company’s chief spokesman and will join New Sun Nutrition’s Board of Directors, and FRS will be an official sponsor of the Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team for 2007.

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