How to Ride Through Mud and Sand Like a Pro

If you ever do a mountain bike or cyclo-cross race, you’re going to encounter mud. Or sand. Or both. And you’re going to love it! Why? For one, it makes you feel like a kid again! But it’s also because, after you read this article, you’ll use these nasty sections to pass people who get […]

Ask Levi: Do I Need a Cyclocross Bike or a Hybrid for Riding Road and Rail Trails?

Today’s question is about choosing between a cyclocross bike and a hybrid for rail trails and road riding…

Ask Levi: Should I Buy a Road or Cyclo-cross Bike?

Debating over the speed of a road bike or the versatility of a cyclo-cross bike? Here are my reasons why you may or may not want to get a cyclo-cross bike…

PA Cyclocross State Championships 2005

The end of mountain bike racing season! Time to be lazy and eat junk food, right? Well, that was the plan, until I found out that I would be on Thanksgiving break for the (official?) PA State Championship Cyclocross race in Marysville, PA on November 19. I couldn’t just pass that up, so I figured […]