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Tested: ENERGYbits

Not much really catches my attention anymore when it comes to energy drinks. You’ve got double or triple caffeine, miracle herbs, superfruit juices, and various extracts from animals and insects. But what if I told you there was an energy supplement that was basically a bunch of

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Tested: Bombas Athletic Socks

There’s a new sock company making a name for themselves, and that name is Bombas socks. Bombas is latin for bumble bee, which explains the logo. So today I have yet another review of athletic socks, with the differentiating factor being the tons of hype around these

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Tested: La Sportiva Oxygym Climbing Shoe

You can never have too many rock climbing shoes. Which is one reason why I picked up a pair of the new La Sportiva Oxygym. Another reason is that I love the bright colors! And perhaps most importantly, there’s the fact that I was able to get

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Tested: Mad Rock Phoenix Climbing Shoe

Looking for an entry-level rock climbing shoe that’s super comfortable? The Mad Rock Phoenix might be the shoe for you. It uses a simple design, neutral color scheme, real leather, lace up design, and a low price (retail is $75.) They actually look a lot like a

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Tested: Oskri Coconut Bar

When the number of new energy bars becomes too much to handle, it’s good to have friends who know your tastes. Fortunately, one of my best friends is just as dedicated to finding healthy energy bars as I am, and he tipped me off to something called

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Tested: Five Ten Rogue Shoe

It’s a popular climbing shoe for good reason. It’s comfortable all day, priced right, and the rubber is as sticky as can be. I’m talking about the Five Ten Rogue. For seasoned climbers, it’s probably a boring shoe. But for beginners, or casual climbers, it has just

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Tested: Salonpas Deep Pain Relieving Gel

I’d heard the name many times before, but I never knew what Salonpas made until finding a recent press release touting their DEEP pain relieving gel. “Deep pain relief? Must be manly stuff! Guess I was wrong.” Because beforehand, I always thought it must be a line

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Tested: BioTerra Herbs

You have to be careful with all supplement companies, but especially with new ones. That’s just the nature of the industry. Even more suspect are the companies with neat names, colorful boxes, and fun pictures. (This stuff reminds me of Joe Camel, and we all know how

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Tested: Yes4All AccuPoint Foam Roller

Upon first glance, you might think that the Yes4All AccuPoint Roller is a cheaper alternative to the Grid or Rumble Roller. After all, it has the solid PVC core for durability and the foam knobs for a deep massage, at a surprisingly low price. I needed something

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Tested: YogaSmoga Nirvana Short (Finally Some Men’s Yoga Clothing!)

If you’re a man, you’re going to face two challenges when shopping for yoga apparel. First, it’s all really expensive. With running and cycling, you can get basic options, fancy stuff, or anything in between, depending on your budget. With yoga, the choice is between the high-end

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Tested: Omnibar

Very few energy bars contain just a handful of ingredients. Even fewer contain sweet potatoes. And fewer still contain beef and sweet potatoes. Needless to say, the Omnibar is not your typical energy bar. Sure, it comes in a bright wrapper, and it’s a long and thin

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Tested: Pure Provisions Turkey Jerky

How do you find snacks to take with you on your adventures? If you’re like most people, you grab whatever looks good at the grocery store. If you’re like me, you examine labels, run the numbers, research the sources of the ingredients, analyze the manufacturing methods, and

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Tested: Bike2Power BikeCharge Power Pack

Before smartphones became so prevalent in our daily lives, there was only one reason to carry a phone along on your adventures. For emergency phone calls, obviously. Today, people are carrying their phones to help them navigate, to record their rides and runs on Strava, and to

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Tested: Caveman Cookies (North Pole Flavor Out Now!)

Virtually everyone loves cookies. And even if you don’t love cookies, you probably can’t resist eating them, because it’s so easy to grab one – no utensils, no mess, no will power. It wouldn’t be a great idea to eat cookies on a daily basis, but the

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Tested: Satechi Pro RideMate Waterproof Bike Mount for Smartphones

Carrying a smartphone while riding is not something I usually recommend, especially if you have an expensive phone that’s going to cost you a lot of money out-of-pocket to replace. But there are times it makes sense to carry a smartphone with you. Perhaps you need navigation

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