Tested: Headsweats Coolmax Skull Cap

red headsweats skullcap

As soon as I started riding seriously, one of the first cycling specific pieces of gear I purchased was this Headsweats coolmax skull cap. That’s because I quickly realized how much sweat pours down my face, which sucks, so I had to do something about it.

I had cotton bandanas, but cotton doesn’t work so well at wicking sweat and keeping you cool. And I had terry cloth headbands, which don’t fit under helmets. Hence the reason I favored a thin cap made with Coolmax, which helps to wick sweat away from your skin for easy evaporation, keeping you cool and dry.

I have actually had this same skull cap for about seven years now, so it’s about time for a review…

levi wearing headsweats cap

Material: This skull cap is 100% Coolmax. It is made with four panels of all the same material, which is nice and simple. That’s a good thing though because you don’t need to mess with Coolmax to make it work better – it’s very good as is.

Fit: Despite being a “one size fits all” skullcap, it fit me pretty well. It is a bit big though, so the ends come down about halfway over my ears. That’s good on cooler days that might freeze the tips of your ears, and it’s good to keep your ears from getting sunburnt.

However, sometimes I prefer not to have my ears covered at all. In that case I have to fold the ends up, which is a bit of a hassle.

Comfort: When pulled down snug, this is certainly comfortable. Even with my helmet pressing it against my head, it feels fine. I have worn this in temps ranging from 40 to 100 degrees F, and while it can be a tad warm in hot weather, it’s still more comfortable than sweat in my eyes! I prefer it for cooler days though.

The problem with hot days is that you don’t feel the air hitting your scalp as you would if you just wore a headband.

Durability: I have used this countless times over the past seven years. A few threads have started to come loose from rubbing on my helmet, and the color isn’t quite as bright anymore, but that is it. The durability on this thing is superb – I expect to get many more years out of it!

It still smells nice, too.

red headsweats skullcap

My final verdict is…

This Headsweats skull cap is good, and it has been working well for me for years, but it’s not the best one out there. It certainly keeps sweat out of my eyes and doesn’t make me too warm, so there’s nothing wrong with it, but I just prefer the SweatVac Ventilator cap that costs a few dollars more.

However… if you want something that will come down over the tips of your ears, or if you have a large head, then this could be the one for you.

Official website: www.headsweats.com

Buy online: www.performancebike.com (about $13)

Product Review Details
Company: Headsweats.
Product: Headsweats Coolmax Skull Cap
Reviewed by: Coach Levi
My Rating: 4.2 out of 5
Date last updated: 2008-08-05
Obtained Product: Purchased at retailer.
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  1. Paul on January 27th, 2010

    nice review, I prefer to wear a skull cap under my helmet as well. However I like the ones with the back flaps, it helps prevent my neck from getting so sun burnt.

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