Bicycles + Nude Women = Perfect College Dorm Room Poster

charity nude bicycle race

August is here and that means back to school for all collegiate racers. Still need the perfect poster for your dorm room?

I have found it! While most dorm room walls are plastered with posters of sexy women, fast cars, and the occasional professional cyclist, there aren’t many posters with nude cyclists…

But comes to the rescue with this poster for the 2nd Annual New York City Charity Nude Bicycle Race from 1997.

While there is nudity, it’s kind of classy, making it a tasteful poster suitable for most audiences. The 11″ x 17″ size is a little small, but it would be a poster for a dorm room or home bike shop.

You can check out the full-size version and the details at

[Update: This poster is no longer available.]

The real question is, why do they only have a poster for the 1997 race? Will there be a poster for the 2008 race, which would (theoretically) be today?

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