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7 Things You Must Know Before Your First Ride In The Cold!

(This article was originally published on, but I’m republishing it here because the advice is still useful!) It’s inevitable. At some point in the fall you’ll do your first ride in relatively cold weather. For the past six months you’ve been enjoying warm, sunny skies with […]

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Don’t Trust Catalogs

While it’s great to find bib shorts on clearance, it’s a bit risky to order a brand which you’re not familiar with. There is the question of comfort, but the real question is the sizing chart… sometimes it is totally wrong. Here is a perfect example…

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I Thought Yellow Cards Were For Soccer?

Although yellow cards are given in soccer, you can give them in cycling now too. Although the point is to give them to aggressive drivers. The image to the left is a small version of a project by Peter Miller, designed to create peace and harmony amongst […]

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The Pros and Cons of $5 Tires

Last winter I picked up a few sets of Hutchinson Flash tires. For $5 each, I couldn’t resist! I just needed them for indoor training. Here’s how they worked…

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Just a Coincidence?

As the news (and opinions) keep on coming regarding Floyd Landis and the doping scandal during the 06 Tour, things are starting to make sense. Actually, as far as the reports go, nothing really makes sense. But when you read between the lines and think about the […]

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Using ICE (Not Ice)

No, not ice, ICE. It stands for “In Case of Emergency.” I was just reading about this in Bicycle Retailer. If you carry a cell phone with you on your rides, will anyone know who to contact if you’re in an accident? (it wouldn’t hurt to carry […]

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