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Tested: Under Armour UA Tech T

Under Armour makes many styles of athletic t-shirts. Check out the UA Tech line, reviewed here today…

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Tested: Under Armour HeatGear Loose Fit T

Looking for a looser version of the Under Armour compression shirt, I purchased an Under Armour HeatGear Loose Fit t-shirt. Here is my review…

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Tested: Fuel Belt

The Fuel Belt gives runners a way to comfortably carry water with them on long runs. No hands required. Here is my review of the Fuel Belt I’ve had since 2004…

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How to Look Behind You and Still Ride In a Straight Line

Beginning riders may have difficulty riding in a straight line, maintaining pace, and looking back (to check traffic, other racers, etc.) at the same time. Here are some tips to do it…

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Tested: Performance CoolMax Kevlar Sock

I’ve noticed a slight problem where I spend quite a bit of money for cycling socks, only to have them get holes in them after a few races. So, trying to kill two birds with one stone, I picked up a pair of the Performance CoolMax Kevlar Socks…

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Tested: Hammer Perpetuem

Hammer Perpetuem is a high-calorie sports drink for endurance athletes. I tested it out during some long mountain bike rides and races. Here is my review…

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How to Stretch While Riding

Sometimes your body seizes up when hunched over for hours on end, and some stretches make you feel a ton better. I don’t like to stop and lose my rhythm, so I do a few light stretches while still rolling along…

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5 Universal Hand Signals For Group Bike Rides

Most riders know that they should learn how to ride in a paceline before joining a group ride, but is that all? Nope. There is at least one other thing you should know – hand signals…

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Tested: Ergon GX-1 Grips

Have you seen those funny looking grips called the Ergon grips? They really took the mountain bike world by storm in 2008-09. Here’s my review…

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Tested: Bear Naked Granola

I’ve reviewed many of Bear Naked’s cereals, granolas, and trail mixes. For those of you who want a complete review of just the regular Bear Naked granola, here it is…

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Tested: Hammer Bar

For years, I was a PowerBar and Clif Bar user. I never really bothered with the Hammer Nutrition bars, until now…

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How to Carry Food and Water During a Triathlon

Cycling jerseys are great inventions. It’s so convenient to fill the back pockets with food, bike tools, CO2 pump, etc. Then there are triathlon jerseys, with maybe one small pocket in the back. Here’s how to carry stuff during a triathlon…

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Tested: Sea2O Energy Drink

Sea2o is a caffeine-free, organic energy drink. Here is my taste test and review…

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Tested: GoPro Hero Helmet Camera WIDE

Like most mountain bikers, I’ve always wanted to create those really cool point of view videos. You know, the ones filmed with a helmet cam that put you right in the action and make it feel like you’re the rider…

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Tested: E-Z Dip Dumbbell Dipping Belt

Want to do weighted dips and pull-ups? Me too. So I’m testing the E-Z Dip Dumbbell Dipping Belt…

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