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Buying Climbing Shoes: A Journey of Epic Proportions

Anyone involved in sports recognizes the need for proper footwear. Running, cycling, triathlon, football, basketball, etc., shoe selection is important. In my experience, though, there is a lot of leeway in shoe choice and proper sizing. Some sports, such as ice hockey and speed skating, are more

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Tested: T-Motorsports “J Rack” Kayak Carriers

Though it’s super easy to carry my own kayak straight on the Jeep’s roof rack, and I’ve carried three on top without issue, it sure is a pain to load all three on there! So I debated whether it was worth picking up one of those “J

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5 Juices That Can (Arguably) Burn Fat, Extend Your Endurance, and Make You Invincible

Whether it’s orange juice for breakfast, lemon juice for a cleanse, grapefruit juice for your entire diet, juicing at home, or the juicing among professional athletes, we can’t get enough. Even with the negative headlines saying juice is less healthy than diet soda, the stuff is flying

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Tested: Energems

While nothing beats a good cup of coffee in the morning, I’m always on the lookout for convenient energy boosters for throughout the day (and night.) Something that might fit the bill are these chocolate energy bites called Energems. They look like M&M’s, so at first, you

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Tested: Athlete’s Power

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken any supplement that claims to improve athletic performance. Most everything I take has some specific benefit, but Athlete’s Power, well, it “promotes athletic energy.” The full tagline is: “Promotes Athletic Energy, Endurance & Stamina” That’s a little more specific,

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How Tuning In to HGTV Can Turn You Into a Better, Faster Cyclist

Have you ever been forced to sit in front of the TV and watch what seems like the same show, over and over again, on HGTV? It’s actually not a bad thing. You can learn a thing or two from the people and hosts. Yes, even though

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Canonsburg Lake

If you live south of Pittsburgh, you have fewer lakes nearby than you would north of the city. Fortunately, there is at least one lake that makes for a decent paddle, and that is Canonsburg Lake. It’s a fairly small lake, with a surface area of about

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The Endurance Athlete’s Guide to Aromatherapy

If you’re an optimistic and curious person, there are seemingly endless options to improve your health (and thus, make you a better athlete.) One that’s not often thought of, but certainly not as far of a stretch as purported miracle cures (raspberry ketones, anyone?), is aromatherapy. Could

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Book Review: Never A Bad Day by Bob Babbitt

There are typically two types of books I read. First are the educational ones I have to read to stay on top of things as a coach. These are more “studying” than reading. The other books are the ones I can relax and enjoy, and they have

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The 4 Questions You Must Ask Yourself When Choosing a Gym (So You Don’t Waste Your Time and Money)

While picking out a gym isn’t one of life’s big decisions, it’s treated as an afterthought by most endurance athletes, which leads to wasted time and money (with no results to show for it.) So it’s important to put some thought into it. You need to make

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Book Review: Bike Fit by Phil Burt

Bike Fit: Optimise your bike position for high performance and injury avoidance This is a new book by Phil Burt to be officially released today, August 12, 2014. The title leaves nothing to the imagination – this is a book about bike fit. I’ve been waiting for

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Sick of Shaving Your Legs? Here Are 7 Leg Shaving Alternatives to Consider!

How often do you question the decision to shave your legs? Because for me, other than the first 1-2 shaves each season, I question it every single time! I don’t hate it, but it sure takes up a lot of time. Think about it. Even if you’re

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Tested: Thorlos Running Socks

Last year I had my first experience with socks from Thorlo. You may remember that I reviewed the Thorlo Experia, which is a lightly cushioned multi-sport sock, likely similar to hiking and running socks you’ve used before. Their comfort was exceptional! But did you know that Thorlo

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Tested: Darn Tough Socks

Made in Vermont. Guaranteed for life. That’s what I like to hear! Darn Tough Socks are my kind of socks. First of all, Vermont is a wonderful place to be. I love it. And I love socks. I really love wool socks. Make them colorful wool socks

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Tested: Swipe Deodorant Wipes

Have you ever wanted to freshen up after a quick workout or bike commute? Swipe Wipes might be right for you. These are pocket-sized, single-use deodorant wipes infused with a natural tea tree extract that supposedly eliminates body odor. These aren’t designed to clean you up after

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